Dakshinkali Investment & Securities Pvt. Ltd.(DISPLTD) is a stock brokerage company licensed and regulated by Securites Board of Nepal and also a member of Nepal Stock exchange. DISPLTD has been actively performing the trading of securities of all the listed companies in Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd in the secondary capital market since its inception. It has been able to satisfy its wide array of customers by providing brokerage service based on their requirement. 
Steered by a highly talented and motivated team, DISPLTD is committed to customer fulfillment in an extremely professional, transparent and ethical environment. Its highly professional and trained personnel are devoted to their customers and are readily available for personalized attention.


Price Adjusted- Nepal Lube Oil Limited (NLO)

Adjusted Price of Nepal Lube Oil Limited (NLO) is Rs.. . . more »

शेयर कारोबार रोक्का राखिएको - KBL & NCCB
शेयर कारोबार रोक्का राखिएको - KBL & NCCB

शेयर कारोबार रोक्का राखिएको - KBL &. . . more »

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